Backup Power Solutions

Prepare for Power Outages

Prepare for Power Outages

Schedule a backup generator installation in Charleston, SC

As a resident of Charleston, SC, you're probably no stranger to power outages. When a violent thunderstorm or hurricane is on the way, power companies are likely to preemptively shut off the power to prevent threats to the grid. Instead of getting stuck without power for days at a time, schedule backup generator installation services from Electrician In Charge LLC.

We have the necessary experience to install whole-home generators, portable generators, Powerwalls and electric car charging stations.

To determine which type of generator is right for your property, call 843-800-0146 now to discuss your needs with a member of our staff.

Although we only supply Generac products, our experts can install any whole-home or portable generator brand. Trust us to install equipment that will:

  • Keep your refrigerator running - avoid throwing out hundreds of dollars' worth of groceries
  • Help your family stay comfortable - rest assured that your heating and cooling systems will keep working
  • Allow you to receive important updates - charge essential devices like your phone, laptop and radio

Utilize our backup generator installation services today to start taking advantage of these benefits.